Things You Didn’t Know About Car Window Tinting

The Time For You To Know The Truth About Car Window Tinting

So we only have to pull the film down till there’s about three to four inches at the bottom and then thoroughly mist the film doesn’t require that much water this is my Johnson’s baby shampoo mix now this doesn’t look professional to some people but I like.

Truth About Car Window Tinting In The Next 60 Seconds

To grab it on the edges where you can’t see it I’ve licked my fingers so I don’t leave a fingerprint or anything else and then I he’s the film off and then I easily pinch it there and then I walk over to my installation without getting in a hurry I’m just going to ease the film on you have to take my word for this but where I touch this film I’m not going to leave any trash I’ve been doing this for a long time.

And don’t know why I method works but as long as it doesn’t leave trash I’m going to keep doing it because I like to control my film now.

I can put a gap in this window that looks like I shaved it I don’t know if you can get a you see this but you can see how I can control my gap right now I’ve got it as clean and as close as I needed to be and it is money right now and I know it’s going to slightly.

Move until I get a final Car Window Tinting squeegee here but I don’t care as long as I see that it is matching up not any problems I’m okay now that I got the film on I guess I want to give it just a little bit of extra slip I want to take my yellow turbo squeegee I’m no I’m no longer in any kind of hurry and I just want to go from one side to the other just real easy not aggressive not yet and get this squeegee down this is a this is a preliminary squeegee this is not a final pass I’m just starting to shape up the film so that I can work with it and get it positioned exactly.