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Secrets You Will Never Know About Mobile Window Tinting

Someplace that I can get my windows tinted done so we’re in today’s video is going to be all about window tinting and with the law and what good is it and is there a window that’s better to keep heat out what exactly is window tinting and how is it going to work so I’m going to talk about all of that first let’s talk about the law first there are very strict laws and regulations about window tinting as I’m sure most of you are aware and in some places the the police the law enforcement officers.

Are very tough and they’ll hand out tickets like candy if you have too much tint or too little and so every state in the nation has laws about what you content and how dark the tint can be and where the tint can be and how dark you can be so you have basically a few options you have your windshield which is illegal to tint in every state most of the states will allow you to have a strip at the top and even that’s regulated but in every state Mobile window tinting tipping the windshield is illegal so you probably.

Don’t want to do it now I did I know I don’t know what I was thinking he just he had tinted his windshield really dark he’d never had a problem and I really want tinting I really want my dog Cody to have a pleasant life in the van and so keeping it cool inside the van is a high priority to me I am a snowbird but sometimes and I go where it’s cool that’s and most of times that works sometimes it doesn’t sometimes.

I’m where it’s not cool it’s hot and so it’s really important to me to keep the van cool so I went ahead and tinted the front windshield but in nearly every state it’s still legal to tint the front windshield do it at your.

own risk in peril I did it with the idea if I the first ticket I get I’ll take it off that’s kind of as I was thinking and every state almost all the states have a different law for the front side windows okay there’s a front side window which is the driver’s side so this is drivers.