Bathroom Remodeling

Repaint A Bathroom With Remodeling

I want to do an LED framed mirror and I’m going to do it I just ran into some problems along the way stay tuned to next week’s though because that will be the project video so storage was one of the big problems with the Modern Bathroom Remodeling.

there was really nowhere to put linens or extra toilet paper rolls and stuff like that so I wanted to make a really simple shelf solution for above the toilet essentially all it is awesome scrap x is left over from the panel wall then I attached some shelf brackets to the shelf.

brackets are super cheap and once you consider that the wood is free this was a super quick super cheap solution and it looks good too so I don’t know about you all but I hate a low shower head I guess it’s not really an issue if you’re short but it’an issue for me.

Now I didn’t want to go making a new outlet because one I was scared I was going to make a mess or some kind of leak behind the wall and I also just didn’t have time to replace where that hole was so I came across this pipe called an S pipe and I’ll have links to it down in the written article but all.

It does is just raise your shower head it takes about ┬áminutes to install it’s super easy and while I was in the process of turning every other finish into Chrome I figured I might as well replace that old ugly brass shower rod and get a new shower curtain due so there you have it this was my first real renovation project.