Bathroom Remodeling

How Much Do You Know about Bathroom Remodeling?

leaving a small gap over here that I will later put a baker board on and I’m just gonna seal it with silicone just in case the valves are leaking or later I need to replace them I’m going to have easy access to hold this copper pipe and remove it instead.

of just ripping the wall and in this part I’m not going to put any tiles I’m just going to use a backer board over here it’s going to be little smaller this way I’m going to have easy access to tables behind the shower panel now I’m going to put a hardy.

Backer board on both sides and on the back of the wall corocut the gaps and it should get before I’m going to put it the tape and turn that on a wall I use silicon to fill the gaps just like that then I’m going to put a tape and then set to properly install tile stone architecture board you need to use versabond you cannot use regular thin set also as a tape you cannot.

use regular fiberglass tape you need to use this grey alkaline our tape that especially designed for Hardiebacker so remember don’t use the regular white one you need to use this grey alkaline the resistant tape now I’m going to show you how to mix versabond thin set with water and words the appropriate ratio between thinset and water varies according to the instructions.

you need to put the entire bag of versabond into six chords which is five point sixty eight liters of water mix it for five minutes let it set for five minutes and then mix it again after five to ten minutes because I’m going to be working on a small project and I don’t want to make.