Bathroom Remodeling

Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Bathroom Remodeling

Them right off this little plastic here has got a weak spot I don’t know I going to do this like huh and that’s left underneath the tile doesn’t hurt anybody and then you’re all good to go so here’s a Renault tip for doing heated flooring now generally speaking they’re all wired the same there’s a thermostat box here you need a power supply it has to come from a GFI source most places you check.

with your Building Code for area but it has to be wired back to the panel of the GFI so basically what you do is run a lead wire from your box down through the plate and you want to drill a hole out of the plate nice and big don’t be cheap here and you have the lead wire come through and that’s attached to the box right up here and then this is the thermostat wire that’s in my tile and then this is the heated cable now the key to cable is a looks a little different on the heat floor mat it has a transition.

piece here bathroom remodeling and this is not this part of the cable doesn’t get hot all right so there’s there’s a little bit of a difference here so what we do when we’re ready to pull this wire up I’m demonstrating this like I said the electricians already been here today and one thing I didn’t have him do is I did not have him wire up the thermostat he’s going to come back in a few weeks to do that and I pay him extra to do that because of this one reason the cement.

That’s used to put this floor down has to stay wet as long as possible in order for it to go nice and hard it’s part of the curing process and every client that I know the first thing they do when they see that the heated flooring thermostats installed is turn it on they want to take it for a test drive.