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We’re not the highest price when I’m looking to get rich off of you know each job that we do we just want a fair price and so we price-wise we’re pretty much in the middle and it again it seems to be a good marriage between quality and price will post to our customers remodel bathroom cost.

We’re very happy with the combination of the tail again were precision home improvements and we hope it hear from you with love to hear from you as a matter of fact if you’re looking for a company that you can trust and has integrity does quality work and reasonable price.

We are definitely relation remodeling HQ and we have a really big remodeling project that we’re going to be filming over the next four or five days and I want to show you every step of the way we’re going to be removing the roof of a cape cod home.

We’re going to be adding four beds and two baths for the laundry upstairs the first-floor we’re doing a whole first-floor remodel with a fireplace a kitchen bathroom remodel we’re doing an open floor plan the whole outside of the house all the windows the doors everything’s getting changed all the utilities are getting changed.

We want to show you the first five days start to finish we want to show you how much we get done in those five days some companies can’t do as much as we’re doing it takes I would say take some two or three weeks to do were going to do in five days so we want you to keep an eye on the videos that we send to you we’re going to show you precision building you’re going to see streamlined crews coming in Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget.