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A Bathroom in the Tipi

Was there a Bathroom in the Sioux’s Tent?

I was thinking if they had a bathroom installed in the tents or ‘Tipi’ as they call them. If there was, then it must have been a pretty bad smell in there, which might have been hard to deal with. My guess is, they went outside if they had to use the bathroom in those days. No doubt it must have been a scary experience at night to do so. Imagine – it’s cold at night and wolfs are howling around you when you have to go to toilet.

Why not remodel your home, boss? – to have a bathroom in there.

First of all it was an impossible task to install a bathroom back then, due to the fact that there were no sewage system developed yet. So even if they were to build a bathroom with a toilet and sink in it, there was no way to get rid of the waste water. Their home, the tent would have drown in mud after a short period of time.

The size of the tent is very important, because it is not recommended to remodel a tent to be equipped with a bathroom if it is too small.

Tent without a Bathroom
This sized tipi would be ideal to have a bathroom remodeling job done.

A bathroom remodeling contractor was hard to find

Since there was not a big hype around bathroom design in the ‘old times’ it was extremely difficult or impossible to find a professional bathroom contractor. Also if you managed to finally find one, he might have just turned down the job due to its challenges. Generally speaking, bathroom remodeling came into existence in the 20th century.

Now that you know more about bathrooms

I don’t want to lead you to conclusions, I think everyone should make their own. I will briefly lay out my here:

  • Tipi is not suitable to bare a shower or toilet inside
  • There was a shortage of expert bathroom renovation professionals
  • Outside was dangerous at night to go to toilet
  • Risk of diseases
  • Terrible odor

So I would have used a pot inside and pour the contents out through a door or opening on the wall of the tent. If I was a native Indian. Probably they did the same thing.

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