Bathroom Remodeling

How Much Do You Know about Bathroom Remodeling?

leaving a small gap over here that I will later put a baker board on and I’m just gonna seal it with silicone just in case the valves are leaking or later I need to replace them I’m going to have easy access to hold this copper pipe and remove it instead.

of just ripping the wall and in this part I’m not going to put any tiles I’m just going to use a backer board over here it’s going to be little smaller this way I’m going to have easy access to tables behind the shower panel now I’m going to put a hardy.

Backer board on both sides and on the back of the wall corocut the gaps and it should get before I’m going to put it the tape and turn that on a wall I use silicon to fill the gaps just like that then I’m going to put a tape and then set to properly install tile stone architecture board you need to use versabond you cannot use regular thin set also as a tape you cannot.

use regular fiberglass tape you need to use this grey alkaline our tape that especially designed for Hardiebacker so remember don’t use the regular white one you need to use this grey alkaline the resistant tape now I’m going to show you how to mix versabond thin set with water and words the appropriate ratio between thinset and water varies according to the instructions.

you need to put the entire bag of versabond into six chords which is five point sixty eight liters of water mix it for five minutes let it set for five minutes and then mix it again after five to ten minutes because I’m going to be working on a small project and I don’t want to make.


Things You Didn’t Know About Car Window Tinting

The Time For You To Know The Truth About Car Window Tinting

So we only have to pull the film down till there’s about three to four inches at the bottom and then thoroughly mist the film doesn’t require that much water this is my Johnson’s baby shampoo mix now this doesn’t look professional to some people but I like.

Truth About Car Window Tinting In The Next 60 Seconds

To grab it on the edges where you can’t see it I’ve licked my fingers so I don’t leave a fingerprint or anything else and then I he’s the film off and then I easily pinch it there and then I walk over to my installation without getting in a hurry I’m just going to ease the film on you have to take my word for this but where I touch this film I’m not going to leave any trash I’ve been doing this for a long time.

And don’t know why I method works but as long as it doesn’t leave trash I’m going to keep doing it because I like to control my film now.

I can put a gap in this window that looks like I shaved it I don’t know if you can get a you see this but you can see how I can control my gap right now I’ve got it as clean and as close as I needed to be and it is money right now and I know it’s going to slightly.

Move until I get a final Car Window Tinting squeegee here but I don’t care as long as I see that it is matching up not any problems I’m okay now that I got the film on I guess I want to give it just a little bit of extra slip I want to take my yellow turbo squeegee I’m no I’m no longer in any kind of hurry and I just want to go from one side to the other just real easy not aggressive not yet and get this squeegee down this is a this is a preliminary squeegee this is not a final pass I’m just starting to shape up the film so that I can work with it and get it positioned exactly.




Window Tinting Service

Secrets You Will Never Know About Mobile Window Tinting

Someplace that I can get my windows tinted done so we’re in today’s video is going to be all about window tinting and with the law and what good is it and is there a window that’s better to keep heat out what exactly is window tinting and how is it going to work so I’m going to talk about all of that first let’s talk about the law first there are very strict laws and regulations about window tinting as I’m sure most of you are aware and in some places the the police the law enforcement officers.

Are very tough and they’ll hand out tickets like candy if you have too much tint or too little and so every state in the nation has laws about what you content and how dark the tint can be and where the tint can be and how dark you can be so you have basically a few options you have your windshield which is illegal to tint in every state most of the states will allow you to have a strip at the top and even that’s regulated but in every state Mobile window tinting tipping the windshield is illegal so you probably.

Don’t want to do it now I did I know I don’t know what I was thinking he just he had tinted his windshield really dark he’d never had a problem and I really want tinting I really want my dog Cody to have a pleasant life in the van and so keeping it cool inside the van is a high priority to me I am a snowbird but sometimes and I go where it’s cool that’s and most of times that works sometimes it doesn’t sometimes.

I’m where it’s not cool it’s hot and so it’s really important to me to keep the van cool so I went ahead and tinted the front windshield but in nearly every state it’s still legal to tint the front windshield do it at your.

own risk in peril I did it with the idea if I the first ticket I get I’ll take it off that’s kind of as I was thinking and every state almost all the states have a different law for the front side windows okay there’s a front side window which is the driver’s side so this is drivers.

Bathroom Remodeling

Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Bathroom Remodeling

Them right off this little plastic here has got a weak spot I don’t know I going to do this like huh and that’s left underneath the tile doesn’t hurt anybody and then you’re all good to go so here’s a Renault tip for doing heated flooring now generally speaking they’re all wired the same there’s a thermostat box here you need a power supply it has to come from a GFI source most places you check.

with your Building Code for area but it has to be wired back to the panel of the GFI so basically what you do is run a lead wire from your box down through the plate and you want to drill a hole out of the plate nice and big don’t be cheap here and you have the lead wire come through and that’s attached to the box right up here and then this is the thermostat wire that’s in my tile and then this is the heated cable now the key to cable is a looks a little different on the heat floor mat it has a transition.

piece here bathroom remodeling and this is not this part of the cable doesn’t get hot all right so there’s there’s a little bit of a difference here so what we do when we’re ready to pull this wire up I’m demonstrating this like I said the electricians already been here today and one thing I didn’t have him do is I did not have him wire up the thermostat he’s going to come back in a few weeks to do that and I pay him extra to do that because of this one reason the cement.

That’s used to put this floor down has to stay wet as long as possible in order for it to go nice and hard it’s part of the curing process and every client that I know the first thing they do when they see that the heated flooring thermostats installed is turn it on they want to take it for a test drive.

Window Tinting Service

Thinking About Window Tinting Service

I was like I dropped the heat gun to grab it you know you drop something it’s instant for you – year each for it I pick it up when I grab that hot cup being part of the glaciers have some stitches I burned myself so badly it was an open wound have little pricks and stuff mostly window tinting service.

So all you people in Internet world I gave you a little history of Dave let’s go many years tear it up straight look at your ear oh yeah he’s doing up the frequencies filming and there’s how you do a brand new Corvette in minutes perfect hand cut.

If I’m correct you should be right around minutes are you what the mom new kickers could be that I’m a master window tenorist could be huh it could be that so thislittle video was an update today to show you that most cars we will come to your house do most cars within minutes but this one is one of my favorites because you can carry it in to and that perfect thank you Express customer standing right next to me.

If he wants to say something yeah the guy knocked it out really quick getting ready to inspected but I think it looks perfectlet’s see what you think after you inspect all right back when it might have been the hardest part looks like that smooth just a little water at the bottom hanging out what’s off and there.

We go it’s good so both doors have perfect edges micro-cut yep just essential let’s colorNow, we’ve all seen window tints, some good, and some bad.What are the different types of tint, and how it is installed?What techniques make window tint look good versus bad?.

And of course, what’s legal and what’s not?All those questions are going to be answered today, coming up on this episode of “Drive Clean.”This is my longtime friend Rob Citrone from Infinite Tint, who has personally installed all my tints and, more importantly, my customers’ tints.

Bathroom Remodeling

Find Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

We’re not the highest price when I’m looking to get rich off of you know each job that we do we just want a fair price and so we price-wise we’re pretty much in the middle and it again it seems to be a good marriage between quality and price will post to our customers remodel bathroom cost.

We’re very happy with the combination of the tail again were precision home improvements and we hope it hear from you with love to hear from you as a matter of fact if you’re looking for a company that you can trust and has integrity does quality work and reasonable price.

We are definitely relation remodeling HQ and we have a really big remodeling project that we’re going to be filming over the next four or five days and I want to show you every step of the way we’re going to be removing the roof of a cape cod home.

We’re going to be adding four beds and two baths for the laundry upstairs the first-floor we’re doing a whole first-floor remodel with a fireplace a kitchen bathroom remodel we’re doing an open floor plan the whole outside of the house all the windows the doors everything’s getting changed all the utilities are getting changed.

We want to show you the first five days start to finish we want to show you how much we get done in those five days some companies can’t do as much as we’re doing it takes I would say take some two or three weeks to do were going to do in five days so we want you to keep an eye on the videos that we send to you we’re going to show you precision building you’re going to see streamlined crews coming in Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget.

Bathroom Remodeling

Repaint A Bathroom With Remodeling

I want to do an LED framed mirror and I’m going to do it I just ran into some problems along the way stay tuned to next week’s though because that will be the project video so storage was one of the big problems with the Modern Bathroom Remodeling.

there was really nowhere to put linens or extra toilet paper rolls and stuff like that so I wanted to make a really simple shelf solution for above the toilet essentially all it is awesome scrap x is left over from the panel wall then I attached some shelf brackets to the shelf.

brackets are super cheap and once you consider that the wood is free this was a super quick super cheap solution and it looks good too so I don’t know about you all but I hate a low shower head I guess it’s not really an issue if you’re short but it’an issue for me.

Now I didn’t want to go making a new outlet because one I was scared I was going to make a mess or some kind of leak behind the wall and I also just didn’t have time to replace where that hole was so I came across this pipe called an S pipe and I’ll have links to it down in the written article but all.

It does is just raise your shower head it takes about ┬áminutes to install it’s super easy and while I was in the process of turning every other finish into Chrome I figured I might as well replace that old ugly brass shower rod and get a new shower curtain due so there you have it this was my first real renovation project.

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A Bathroom in the Tipi

Was there a Bathroom in the Sioux’s Tent?

I was thinking if they had a bathroom installed in the tents or ‘Tipi’ as they call them. If there was, then it must have been a pretty bad smell in there, which might have been hard to deal with. My guess is, they went outside if they had to use the bathroom in those days. No doubt it must have been a scary experience at night to do so. Imagine – it’s cold at night and wolfs are howling around you when you have to go to toilet.

Why not remodel your home, boss? – to have a bathroom in there.

First of all it was an impossible task to install a bathroom back then, due to the fact that there were no sewage system developed yet. So even if they were to build a bathroom with a toilet and sink in it, there was no way to get rid of the waste water. Their home, the tent would have drown in mud after a short period of time.

The size of the tent is very important, because it is not recommended to remodel a tent to be equipped with a bathroom if it is too small.

Tent without a Bathroom
This sized tipi would be ideal to have a bathroom remodeling job done.

A bathroom remodeling contractor was hard to find

Since there was not a big hype around bathroom design in the ‘old times’ it was extremely difficult or impossible to find a professional bathroom contractor. Also if you managed to finally find one, he might have just turned down the job due to its challenges. Generally speaking, bathroom remodeling came into existence in the 20th century.

Now that you know more about bathrooms

I don’t want to lead you to conclusions, I think everyone should make their own. I will briefly lay out my here:

  • Tipi is not suitable to bare a shower or toilet inside
  • There was a shortage of expert bathroom renovation professionals
  • Outside was dangerous at night to go to toilet
  • Risk of diseases
  • Terrible odor

So I would have used a pot inside and pour the contents out through a door or opening on the wall of the tent. If I was a native Indian. Probably they did the same thing.

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